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Musical Prodigies

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You Are Muscial!

Being musical does not have to be difficult.

The ability to be musical comes from within.

You don't have to play an instrument to be musical.

You already ARE an instrument.

You are a naturally born musical being.

As a child, you made up songs.

You explored the world of sound and rhythm daily.

There is musical spirit waiting to be rediscovered in you.

Musical expression is everyone's birthright.

Music is not reserved for concert halls.

It can be an everyday event in everyday places.

Your performance in the shower or car is what matters most.

Making music is within your grasp.

It's about living a creative and spirited life.

It's about the choice to awaken your musical spirit

and create harmony in your life.

This is for everyone who was ever told they were not musical,

Not good enough,

Silenced and excluded from music-making,

Yet still yearning for musical expression.

Unlock your musical spirit,

Quench the longing to bring music into your life,

Create harmony in your life and reconnect with the music

that allows your soul to sing.



Activities - Making Music:



Resources - The Healing Power of Music:

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