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Suggestions for more TEDTalks ideal for schools

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- Arthur Benjamin: Mathemagic


- Jeff Han: multi-touch technology foreshadowing the iphone


- Richard Preston - forest canopy


- David Gallo: undersea marvels

- Ben Zander: transformative classical music

- David Bolinsky: spectacular cell animation
- Eva Vertes: inspirational 19-year-old on cancer research
- Jennifer Lin: 14-year-old's musical improvisation 
- Sirena Huang: 9-yr-old virtuoso violinist
- Gustavo Dudamel and Venezuelan youth orchestra: breathtaking
- Robert Lang: the science of origami

-  Erin McKean: dictionary editor

- Hans Rosling: understanding the developing world
- Wade Davis on world cultures 
- JJ Abrams: the power of mystery in movies
- Frans Lanting: photo essay on evolution of life
Compelling biology talks
Tierney Thys: mola mola fish
Robert Full: learning from geckoes and cockroaches
Sheila Patek: world's most powerful kick
Susan Savage-Rumbaugh: bonobo apes and language
Deborah Gordon: the life of an ant colony
  • Sir Ken Robinson: Do schools kill creativity?
  • Emmanuel Jal... the memoirs of a war child from Sudan  who became a rap star and preaches reconciliation and peace

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