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Spoken Word Poetry

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Spoken Word Poetry with Sarah Kay


  1. I can . . .
  2. I will continue.
  3. I will focus on things specific to me.



  • Do as Sarah suggests in her TED talk - list the ten things I know to be true. Share them with others.
  • Discuss the meaning of Sarah's Poetry - for example



I do not laugh at bubble letters on the bathroom stall.
The pretty cursive, the delicate loop in the y.


Even when the words spell, help me. I hate my life.
I am willing to witness your toilet paper autobiography.


Who am I to judge, after all? I have spent hours considering
how many other people’s photographs I have wandered into.


That couple from Minnesota in Times Square at Christmas.
The bottom left hand corner.


There I am, wearing my blue coat.
Trying to turn away from the camera, blurry.


Read, listen to and examine the Spoken Work Poetry from other young people -  




Spoken Word Poetry Lesson Plans



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